Choosing the Best Delta 8 Edible - Delta 8 Hemp

Choosing the Best Delta 8 Edible

Delta 8 THC caught fans of traditional cannabis and CBD by surprise. Few thought a “softer” version of the recreational/medicinal herb would arrive, nor did they likely think it would be legal in so many states. Yet, Delta 8 hemp arrives on the hemp market and even comes in edible form. For many consumers, edibles […]

Benefits of Delta 8 Softgels - Delta 8 Hemp

Benefits of Delta 8 Softgels

Now that the CBD and the hemp-buying public have access to Delta 8 THC, top brands expanded how buyers could use the product. Smoking “flower” or vaping “carts” isn’t always the preferred method, which is why some shoppers lean towards our Delta 8 edibles and tinctures. Softgels are another option, although they might not be as popular […]

How to Choose the Best Delta 8 Disposable Vape

Delta 8 THC products hit the market and generate great enthusiasm among many cannabis consumers. Not everyone enjoys “flower” since smoking hemp isn’t always preferable. Delta 8 Vapables, especially disposable ones, may appeal to a wide range of hemp fans. Buyers understandably want to know how to choose the best Delta 8 disposable vape product. “Best” could mean […]

Your Beginner Guide to Delta 8 Strains - Delta 8 Hemp

Your Beginner Guide to Delta 8 Strains

Delta 8 hemp continues to draw attention to the hemp market. Like other types of cannabis, Delta 8 THC comes in different strains. Knowing the difference between the strains could help a buyer make the right decision. So for our soon-to-be Delta 8 hemp enthusiasts, here is your beginner guide to Delta 8 strains. What […]

Avoid Weed's Side Effects with Delta 8 THC - Delta 8 Hemp

Avoid Weed’s site effects with Delta-8 THC

Recreational marijuana is now legal in many states, and the number is likely to increase. A movement exists on the federal level to remove cannabis from the list of scheduled drugs. Regardless of legal status, marijuana doesn’t consistently deliver a preferable experience. Some users may complain about side effects, which is why they may lean […]

How to Maximize your Delta 8 THC experience - Delta 8 Hemp

How to Maximize Your Delta 8 THC Experience

Consumers appreciate a positive experience from anything they purchase. Shoppers looking over selections of Delta 8 hemp are no different. Delta 8 recently arrived on the hemp marketplace as a traditional cannabis alternative. Upon checking out choices, questions about how to maximize your delta 8 THC experience may come up. Results vary, but there may […]

Which Strain of Delta 8 is Best? Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid

Delta 8 THC has become a popular product among those purchasing CBD oils, edibles, and cartridges. Of course, the purported euphoric and stimulating effects of Delta 8 hemp draw interest from those who enjoy other cannabinoids. Not all types of Delta 8 THC are identical, and consumers may select from any number of strains. Choosing […]

Top 5 Delta 8 Hemp Questions

Buyers of CBD and traditional cannabis may be learning about a new product on the market: Delta 8 Hemp. The product shares similarities to the Delta 9 THC found in traditional marijuana products, but there are significant chemical and legal differences. Not everyone knows the long-term effects of Delta 8 Hemp, leading to some questions. […]