Delta 8 THC: Federal Law vs. State Laws - Delta 8 Hemp

Delta 8 THC: Federal Law vs State Laws

State law and federal law are not always harmonious. While the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution establishes that federal law supersedes state law, although things sometimes become murky. Cannabis remains a Schedule I drug under federal law, yet cannabis is illegal in several states. Delta 8 THC products entered the scene as an alternative […]

How the 2018 Farm Bill Affected Delta 8 THC - Delta 8 Hemp

How the 2018 Farm Bill Affected Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC sellers promote their products as alternatives to “traditional marijuana.” The marketing language gets across what the product does and what consumer the company wants to target. Would-be buyers may feel some confusion about how the product is legal, at least in some states. The 2018 Farm Bill tells the story of how Delta […]

Is it legal to ship Delta 8 THC?

News reports about Delta 8 THC may mention sellers and distributors of this “new” cannabis alternative. Delta 8 THC exists in trace amounts in CBD, and an extraction process allows manufacturers to offer products with this “cousin” to marijuana’s Delta 9 THC. Purchasing Delta 8 hemp online requires the seller to ship the product to […]

The Elements of a Quality Delta 8 THC Review Video

The popularity of Delta 8 THC has many potential consumers looking for published reviews. Well-written, detailed reviews may help someone thinking about buying from a particular manufacturer, but reading time could suffer limitations. YouTube and social media platforms offer another way to learn about the cannabis alternative: video reviews. Of course, whether reading, watching, or […]

What Makes Delta 8 THC Different from Synthetic Products - Delta 8 Hemp

What Makes Delta 8 THC Different from Synthetic Products?

Delta 8 THC can’t escape controversy, and misconceptions about the various Delta 8 hemp contribute to the confusion. News reports provide Delta 8 hemp manufacturers valuable free publicity by lumping Delta 8 THC with “traditional marijuana,” which it is not. And then there are worse inaccurate reports that add to the controversy. Such reports confuse […]

Understanding What the Delta 8 THC Extraction Process Involves - Delta 8 Hemp

Understanding What the Delta 8 THC Extraction Process Involves

Delta 8 THC has taken the hemp, CBD, and cannabis world by storm, and the storm includes more than a small amount of controversy. The media often confusing Delta 8 THC with the THC found in marijuana, but there’s a difference. Then again, Delta 8 THC does exist in small traces in both marijuana and […]

Quality Manufacturers might best serve Delta 8 THC Customers - Delta 8 Hemp

Quality Manufacturers Might Best Serve Delta 8 THC Consumers

Newbie consumers may purchase a product from the first vendor they come across, and they could pay equally scant attention to the product’s manufacturer. That approach may leave a buyer unhappy with the purchase, whereas taking time to find a well-regarded seller could be worth the effort. And yes, such a consumer attitude applies to […]

Are Delta 8 THC Products Going to Become Illegal?

Delta 8 THC now garners attention from the public, thanks to many news reports. Local newspapers, online aggregator sites, and other informational outlets cover the controversy surrounding hemp and CBD sellers promoting the availability of Delta 8 hemp. Often, advertisements promote the legality of this “marijuana alternative,” but it isn’t legal everywhere. Some even wonder, […]