Choosing the Best Delta 8 Edible - Delta 8 Hemp

Choosing the Best Delta 8 Edible

Delta 8 THC caught fans of traditional cannabis and CBD by surprise. Few thought a “softer” version of the recreational/medicinal herb would arrive, nor did they likely think it would be legal in so many states. Yet, Delta 8 hemp arrives on the hemp market and even comes in edible form. For many consumers, edibles are the way to go. So, they would like to know the plan for choosing the best Delta 8 edible. Let’s take a look now. 

What is Delta 8 THC?

Hemp and cannabis fans usually know “THC” is the chemical compound that delivers the psychoactive response after ingesting marijuana. They also know THC’s effects are the reason marijuana remains a scheduled drug on the federal level. What most people don’t know is the THC in marijuana is Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 hemp is similar to Delta 9 THC, but it provides a milder “high” when ingested. Also, Delta 8 hemp reportedly lacks the side effects of Delta 9 THC, such as high anxiety. Most importantly, delta 8 is legal under federal law, although not legal in every state.

How could Delta 8 hemp be legal? Under the 2018 farm bill, hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% delta 9 are perfectly legal. That description fits non-synthetic Delta 8 hemp, available in a vape, flower, and edible forms. Smoking and vaping, for many reasons, don’t appeal to everyone. Delta 8 edibles provide a way for them to enjoy this new “CBD+” product. Similar to recreationally and medicinally widespread Delta 9 products, consumers may choose from several edible options.

Delta 8 Capsules

Are Delta 8 Capsules really edibles? While they might not come in a candy bar or brownie form, users swallow the capsules. So, technically, you could call them edibles, and they don’t fill the lungs with smoke or vapors. 

Inside the gel caps is a dose of Delta 8 THC extract. Consumers might find it necessary to look at the milligram amount in the capsules. 20mg might be a standard dose, although that number could vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Cutting a gel cap in half won’t likely be possible, so those interested in small quantities may wish to go with different Delta 8 edibles.

Delta 8 Gummies

Gummies might be among the most popular edible options for THC fans. Cutting gummies into smaller “bits” is an option since the malleable candy has a soft and chewy texture. As with capsules, consumers need to look at the milligrams found inside each gummy. Ingesting too much THC at one time might not lead to the best experience for newbies or, for that matter, chronic users.

Delta 8 gummies come in many flavors, and buyers can choose the ones most appealing to them. Nonetheless, our premium Delta 8 gummies won’t come with a Delta 8 hemp aftertaste, either.

Delta 8 Tinctures

The word “tincture” doesn’t fully describe what the product is. Perhaps calling the liquid “cannabis-infused alcohol” might be a bit wordy, but that’s what a tincture is. The bottles come with eye droppers to extract and use the tincture. Some users choose to ingest tincture liquid directly, which may absorb into the bloodstream rapidly.

Those who prefer the do-it-yourself plan for Delta 8 edibles could purchase Delta 8 tinctures. Dropping tincture liquids on candies, cakes, and other food items also creates a DIY Delta 8 edible. Nonetheless, be wary of correct dosing for your next Delta 8 edibles project.


Choosing the best Delta 8 edible often centers on personal preference. Some like tinctures, while others go with edibles or gel capsules. Mixing and matching may be another person’s way of doing things. Going with the best may involve picking the right company. An established business that has excellent reviews and offers lab testing information might be the one to choose. Whether you’re looking to avoid weed’s side effects with Delta 8 THC or our Delta 8 Edibles, you can find your next Delta 8 hemp product today.