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Lesser-Known Potential Upsides to Choosing Delta 8 Edibles

Delta 8 THC continues to attract controversy and new customers. The “cousin” to cannabis’ Delta 9 THC chemical compound comes in many varieties, with edibles being popular among a segment of consumers. “Vapes and flowers” have their fans, but some upsides to choosing Delta 8 edibles could prompt some buyers to give gummies a try.

What is Delta 8 THC?

With the recent news that Texas took steps to ban Delta 8, some wonder how other states offer various products. The 2018 Farm Bill opened a loophole to sell hemp-extracted products that contain less than 0.03% Delta 9 THC. Additional rules exist, but the language in the bill does not expressly ban delta 9’s “cousin” delta 8. Delta 9 THC serves as the active ingredient in marijuana that causes people to experience a high. Delta 9, of course, is not legal on the federal level, and Delta 8 has not become a scheduled drug on the federal level.

States reserve the option to ban Delta 8 THC, and some did so. Consumers might benefit from checking local rules before ordering Delta 8 gummies. Why would they want gummies or other edibles instead of vapes, though?

Delta 8 Edibles: Some Reasons Consumers Prefer Them

Vaping might be the preferred method for many Delta 8 THC consumers, and buyers may purchase whatever appeals to them. Those wondering about edibles may consider a few items. Of course, individual results, experiences, and opinions vary.

Clearing Things Up

Consumers might gravitate towards a particular Delta 8 THC selection out of personal choice. Others might stick with the first product they purchased out of a force of habit. Vaping appears popular with many shoppers, and some might have only used vape products. Switching to something different could change things up a bit. Going with Delta 8 distillate, for example, may present a new experience for someone who never tried this option before.

Possible Fewer Issues with Scents

Smoking or vaping Delta 8 THC could cause a scent that might linger in an apartment. Even leaving the cap off a “flower jar” or accidentally leaving a disposable vape pen outside its container could cause an unwanted scent to hang around. Keeping Delta 8 gummies inside their packaging remains highly recommended, as they could go stale when uncovered. Accidents happen, but exposed gummies might not cause as much of a scent in the air.

Variety with Delta 8 Distillate

Delta 8 distillate presents a liquid form that some choose to add to food and beverages. Essentially, they make “custom edibles” by putting Delta 8 THC into preferred selections. Although someone might not find a particular Delta 8 edible for sale, creating their own might be possible with distillate liquid. Though a distillate is highly concentrated, users may wish to read more about distillates when wondering about doses and amounts.


Edibles have their fans, and then some never tried them. Learning about possible upsides to choosing Delta 8 edibles may move some to consider buying them. Whether you’re looking at why do some states ban Delta 8 THC or our Delta 8 THC Carts, you can find your next Delta 8 Hemp product today.