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The Credibility of a Delta 8 THC Influencer Deserves a Look

Between Instagram and YouTube, there are scores of “influencers” who attempt to promote products. Those with charisma and an insight into how to move sales could become popular with both audiences and companies equally. If an online personality could move products, a business might approach that individual with a mutually beneficial arrangement. With so many influencers, a diverse array of companies could work with these to direct products to followers. And yes, there might be some influencers out there promoting Delta 8 THC products. Before making a purchase based on a paid recommendation, consumers should think about a few things. The credibility of a Delta 8 THC influencer deserves a look before making a purchase. Why buy based on an insincere recommendation?

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC continues to make news as more states ban its sale. A “loophole” in federal law keeps this “lighter” version of marijuana off the list of scheduled drugs. How did that happen? In 2018, Congress passed farm bill legislation that legalized the sale of “hemp-extracted” products containing less than 0.03% Delta 9 THC – such as our Delta 8 Vapables. Delta 9 is the active ingredient in cannabis that makes people high.

Delta 8 THC has a reputation for being milder than Delta 9. That’s a selling point to many consumers. Others purchase Delta 8 edibles and vapes for practical reasons: it is legal in their state. Anyone interested in Delta 8 THC products may need to check local laws. While federal law remains a gray area, some states banned sales.

Watching an Influencer

Influencers try to work their promotional magic to move products – such as Delta 8 THC products. Product endorsements are hardly anything new, as television commercials and magazine advertisements long featured celebrities lending a nod of approval for a price. Although the social media landscape has its differences from traditional media, the basic concept of a “known person’s” endorsement doesn’t change. And it may not be sincere, either.

Fame might motivate some people to build a massive audience of followers on a popular social media site. Others may have more noble reasons, such as trying to help others. Regardless of the motivation, many influencers wish to earn a living with their endeavors. Advertisers could approach someone with a following and offer funds to influence followers to purchase. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this old-time process because social media stars generally deserve to earn money for their hard work. 

However, many influencers might wish to accept money from any advertiser to promote products. They may not even use the product they promote, making the endorsement somewhat controversial.

Being Influenced by an Influencer

Sincerity and honesty sometimes come through in the form of enthusiasm. Yes, media personalities are more than capable of faking a review or putting on a false face of product passion. People who know how to speak in front of a camera can master the art of conveying emotion that is closer to acting than real life. When offered funds to promote a product, they may reach into their acting abilities to sell it.

The “average viewer” might not pick up on whether someone’s conveying true passion about a product. However, if an influencer starts promoting Delta 8 Vapables and the content of the influencer’s profile has little to do with the hemp lifestyle, the endorsement may become somewhat questionable.

Does the influencer accept any kinds of products to endorse? That might be a warning sign that the person is a rubber-stamp about accepting all endorsement deals.

The Critical Mind

The credibility of a delta 8 THC influencer deserves a look because no one likes to feel conned into making a purchase. Consumers may benefit from being judicious about what they allow to influence them. Whether you’re looking to see if issues with the “gray market” fitness supplements create concerns over Delta 8 THC or our Delta 8 Tinctures, you can find your next Delta 8 Hemp product today.