The Elements of a Quality Delta 8 THC Review Video

The popularity of Delta 8 THC has many potential consumers looking for published reviews. Well-written, detailed reviews may help someone thinking about buying from a particular manufacturer, but reading time could suffer limitations. YouTube and social media platforms offer another way to learn about the cannabis alternative: video reviews. Of course, whether reading, watching, or listening to the commentary, buyers want to check out a quality Delta 8 THC review. What elements make separate a good video review from an outstanding one?

What is Delta 8 THC?

Before discussing any benefits to watching a video promoting or dissuading a Delta 8 hemp purchase, it may be helpful to explain what the product is. Delta 8 THC exists in minute amounts in hemp, and it is similar to the Delta 9 THC chemical in marijuana. Studies reveal that Delta 8 hemp may have fewer side effects than Delta 9 THC since it is milder. And then there’s the significant legal difference: Delta 8 THC is not a controlled substance per federal law. The existing federal gray area opens a loophole to sell Delta 8 THC gummies, carts, and tinctures. However, delta 8 THC is now illegal in several states. Buyers must check local laws to determine state legality.

How did the loophole emerge? Congress passed a farm bill in 2018 that legalized “hemp-derived” products that contained less than 0.03% Delta 9 THC. An extraction process draws out Delta 8 THC from legal CBD, leading to Delta 8 hemp products.

Why People Turn to Delta 8 Reviews

Although there may be similarities among the different extraction processes, quality counts may vary. Plus, not every manufacturer does things the same, and poor-quality products could hit the market. And then, there are decent products that don’t deliver what a particular consumer wants. A brand may not be “bad,” but it doesn’t appeal to some shoppers.

Reviews casting light on quality products could be worth checking out. Consumers need to be a little skeptical about reviewers, though. Not every reviewer delivers a decent video or follows honesty as a policy. We highly recommend taking a look at our lab results for a breakdown of Delta 8 THC Carts

What to look for in Delta 8 THC Reviews

Producers of quality Delta 8 THC review videos might all have different skills and approaches. However, some common elements may appear in videos that receive more “thumb’s up” and positive comments from the audience. Among the essential elements to a quality Delta 8 THC review would be a focus on the actual product.

Reviewers that spend more time talking about themselves or off-topic subjects don’t help would-be shoppers make effective decisions. A review supposedly about “Brand X” should spend the bulk of its time on “Brand X,” not personal anecdotes that don’t discuss what the consumer considers buying.


 A reviewer should have first-hand experience with what he or she reviews. A reviewer who never used a product he or she reviews is dubious, at best. Outright fake reviews might deliver inaccurate information to consumers, which is not helpful.