Top 5 Delta 8 Hemp Questions

Buyers of CBD and traditional cannabis may be learning about a new product on the market: Delta 8 Hemp. The product shares similarities to the Delta 9 THC found in traditional marijuana products, but there are significant chemical and legal differences. Not everyone knows the long-term effects of Delta 8 Hemp, leading to some questions. So, here are the top 5 Delta 8 hemp questions buyers and hemp enthusiasts might ask. 

What is Delta 8 THC?

Many realize that THC is the chemical in marijuana that makes users feel “high,” but they might not know the specific chemical by the classification Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 hemp similarly derives from hemp, but not the particular compound among controversy – which opens doors for its sale. Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC present a double bond structure, although Delta 8 hemp bonds on the eighth carbon atom instead of the ninth.

On the federal level, Delta 8 THC appears legal. In 2018, Congress passed legislation under a “Farm Bill,” and the law legalized hemp-derived products that contained less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 refers to the THC found in marijuana. While Delta 9 THC may fall under a federally controlled substance classification, such is not the case with Delta 8 Hemp.

Beyond the federal level, 13 states banned Delta 8 THC products. More states may ban Delta 8 in the future, meaning consumers need to check local laws to make sure Delta 8 Edibles and Delta 8 Cartridges are legal among local jurisdictions.

Can I Pass a Drug Test After Using Delta 8 THC?

Anyone using our Delta 8 hemp products runs the risk of failing a drug test. When someone ingests cannabinoids and the body processes THC, a drug test will likely pick up THC metabolites. Does that information seemingly contradict the point about Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC being different? Not entirely since Delta 8 hemp and Delta 9 are variances of the THC chemical. A drug test can’t differentiate between the two, so failing a drug test is possible using Delta 8 hemp. 

Unless enough time passes for the THC to exit the system, a positive drug test may prove unavoidable. For more information, you can find how long does Delta 8 THC stay in your system. Nonetheless, keep this in mind when using Delta 8 cartridges, Delta 8 edibles, and other products.

What does Delta 8 THC feel like?

Users suggest that Delta 8 edibles and other products provide a mild “high” similar to marijuana but much less potent. Some suggest that Delta 8 cartridges and edibles leave someone feeling relaxed and calm. Reportedly, Delta 8 hemp might not cause typical Delta 9 side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. Nonetheless, user experiences may vary.

What are the Benefits of Delta 8 THC?

Various sources point to reported benefits of Delta 8 THC. Commonly mentioned benefits include increased appetite, pain relief, nausea management, and reduced anxiety. Individual results may vary, and anyone seeking benefits from Delta 8 hemp products may find value in conducting more consumer research and slowly increasing your dosage.

CBD, hemp, and cannabis enthusiasts could conduct further research into the Delta 8 hemp products and their long-term natural health benefits. With it being a natural by-product of hemp, it retains the natural health benefits – while also providing mind-altering effects. Highly encouraging responsibility in the community – doing initial research may reveal more detailed answers to the top 5 Delta 8 hemp questions and more. Whether you’re looking to using delta-8 distillate oil or our Delta 8 Gummies, you can find your next Delta 8 THC product today.